Social Cats is a collection of 222 digital culture

A brand focused adhering to the needs of the community with a unique direction of ideas and utilities in occasion internationale cat day

Social Cats is a collection of degenerate around the globe all on a mission to win big. A brand focused adhering to the needs of the community with a unique direction of ideas and utilities.

With over 50+ variants and endless combinations of traits, each Social Cats NFT contains a verifiably rare and unique Social Cats artwork and is stored as on the Solana blockchain.

Our Vision

We believe that NFTs should look gorgeous, but have utility and purpose as well. The NFTs collection we provide will be the high-quality art you expect from Social Cats, our NFTs will also grant access to Social Cats DAO, artist collaboration, collections rewards, experiences, and much more.


Social Cats is the brains behind Cats World. We are a group of creative individuals, digital marketers and passionate coder who are constantly experimenting and building. We innovate and deliver ways to make community members beneficiaries.



Potential exclusive holders only drops of branded merch, clothing, collectibles, and more.


We will partnership with non-profit organisation serving as a we will build the platform on Solana for activities related to social responsibility, education, children. together we make our World A Better Place


How much supply ?


Mint price ?

0.14 sol

Mint date ?

8th August 17:30 UTC

What blockchain Social Cats on ?

Solana Blockchain

What are Cats world NFT ?

Social Cats is unique NFT collection of 222 of degenerate young avatars NFT playing on Solana and grant exclusive access to the Social Cats DAO. The journey begins with toys NFT drops, community-driven design, art contests, artist and brand collabs, etc.


Come join us in the Social Cats community! Be a part of the community as we share and discuss breaking news, announcements, collaboration alpha, DAO planning, and more!